Teacher’s Picnic: “A Day of Fun in the Sun”

On the beautiful day of 03-02-2023, a group of dedicated and hard-working teachers embarked on an exciting adventure to Monteria Village. The purpose of their journey was to experience the unique charm of a traditional village and connect with their roots, away from the fast-paced and stressful urban environment they were used to. With this in mind, the picnic was organized with the theme of “Taking you back to your roots”, offering the teachers a chance to immerse themselves in a world of peace and simplicity, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The Monteria Village picnic was designed to provide a holistic experience of village life and bring about a much-needed break from the city. The outing destination was packed with a variety of activities, such as traditional village games, waterfall and cave tunnel, farm rides, boat rides on the lake, Khaat weaving, Bamboo Park, giant swings, hammocks, folk performances, and even a chance to play lagori. Teachers could also participate in common village activities such as blacksmithing, bamboo weaving, Kutchi Bhunga, pottery, and more.

In addition to the many activities, teachers could also learn about farming by taking a course at Dhanvantari Garden or by taking a walk-through the farm, where they could see the latest hydroponic practices being used in conjunction with traditional farming methods.

The entire Monteria Village experience was designed to relieve stress and provide an enjoyable day for the teachers. This was made possible by the efforts of Principal Sr. Suman Minezes, who always strives for the betterment of the staff and school.

In conclusion, the Monteria Village picnic was a unique and enriching experience for the teachers, allowing them to take a step back from their busy lives and enjoy a day in the peaceful surroundings of a traditional village. The event was a true testament to the dedication of the principal and the school, as they worked towards providing a memorable and meaningful experience for the teachers.

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