Teaching Shapes

Our Pre-Primary children had a fun day with the shapes activities like hunting for shapes and making a house out of different colours and shapes. This is a great way to kick start shape recognition. The activity achieved:

  • Improved Communication: The ability to use shapes to describe objects will greatly enhance a child’s ability to verbally communicate. For example, being able to use descriptive phrases such as ’round cookie’ or ‘square window’.
  • Creative Skills: The ability to draw or create shapes will help children transition from stick-figure drawings to more detailed drawings using shapes or to create a face out of craft pieces.
  • Sorting objects: Children can use shapes as a method for sorting objects. Children can sort objects by circles, squares, triangles, ovals or rectangles. Sorting is an important skill for children as it helps them develop the ability to think about the attributes of objects and how they relate to other objects. It is a great way to develop logical thinking.


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